Abdelkrim Bahloul

Algerian filmmaker Abdelkrim Bahloul (Rebahia, 1950) made his entry in the world of movies with his short La cellule (1975), which was awarded with the Grand Prix du festival des jeunes auteurs of Belfort. His first long feature Le thé à la menthe, with Dominique Pinon and Chafia Boudra, saw the light in 1984. Together… Continue reading Abdelkrim Bahloul


In Paris Slimani, an arabian immigrant, witnesses a murder. Pursued by the assassins, he takes refuge in a mosque. Among his praying compatriots, who are dressed just like him, he manages to shake off the murderers. The next day the police are also looking for the witness. Detective Leclerc is in charge of the investigation.… Continue reading LA NUIT DU DESTIN