Young Camilla never expected she would get her baptism by fire in her elite police unit. During a very high-risk operation against a religious cult in a dangerous neighborhood, Camilla finds herself in the middle of a ritual where all the members decide to simultaneously set themselves on fire… The flames spread so fast that… Continue reading DON’T COME BACK ALIVE


Matias is a director who tends to compare himself to Tarantino. He’s got his first horror film coming along, which he humbly considers to be the worthy successor to SCREAM. Actually, he just finished the first cut and is now inviting the entire crew for a private screening. But from the get-go the group discover… Continue reading VIRTUAL REALITY

The Returned by Laura Casabé

South America, 1919. We’re at the mate plantation of some rich Spanish colonialists who exploit the native Guaraní in order to ship the goods to Europa. Julia, the wife of a landowner, is expecting a son, but the child is stillborn. Desperately she turns to her Indian maid, Kerena, who believes in Iguazú, the mythical… Continue reading The Returned by Laura Casabé