One day, the man facing southeast somehow ends up from somewhere in a psychiatric hospital. He says that his name is RANTES and that he comes from another planet. Doctor Denis, chief of the psychiatric unit, is used to seeing lots of aliens, spirits and ghosts haunting the corridors of the clinic. At first, he… Continue reading MAN FACING SOUTHEAST

The Weasel’s Tale

Heh, four senile has-beens of Argentinean cinema in a humongous mansion: an easy target for two ruthless real estate agents, right? Well, it turns out the old-timers know a thing or two about scheming too… Sizzling dialogues and cynical humor from the director of THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES.


Selena is a single mother – but she doesn’t give a fuck. Her daughter Belén is 17 and dying to get out of the house, which she doesn’t like one bit. Luckily she can forget her worries a little by working in her garden, feeding her goats and chickens, biking to the grocery store or… Continue reading Witch