After getting the sack at a prestigious newspaper, an ambitious journalist is in shambles. Gutted and with the Pulitzer Prize further off than ever, she retreats to her parents’ isolated, state-of-the-art mansion when they’re away on holidays. But she doesn’t plan on staying down for long. Her new podcast, “Beyond Believable”, in which she investigates… Continue reading MONOLITH (2023)


Two years ago, to the day, Mia’s mother passed away. A horrible date for the teenager, who desperately needs to clear her head. For example, by doing something crazy. And hey, whaddayaknow, there’s an epic party coming up featuring not only enough booze to sedate a herd of buffaloes, but also a rather extraordinary object… Continue reading TALK TO ME


Unlike her classmates who are giggling while drawing dicks on bus stops, twelve-year-old Blaze is not quite ready yet to leave behind the innocent joys of childhood. Like playing with figurines, eating ice-cream and hanging out with her huge, imaginary dragon. But one event is going to jolt her into the ugliest reality of adulthood.… Continue reading BLAZE


When they were still kids, Sissy (short for Cecilia) and Emma were inseparable. Nothing could break them apart. This was going to last forever! Until the day brash Alex sets foot on their playground… Sissy not only becomes her preferred punching ball for harsh jokes, she also steals Emma as BFF. Twelve years later, Sissy… Continue reading SISSY


Yup, it’s already been 8 years since a mysterious virus turned the majority of the world’s population in blood-thirsty zombies in WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD. But as is often the case when catchy viruses spread around the globe, the new situation got old pretty fast. Take Rhys for example, the ex-commando who at the… Continue reading WYRMWOOD: APOCALYPSE