Mark Waterman schrijft reisbrochures voor een grote onderneming. Hij is slechts een radertje in een immense machine. Wanneer de voorzitter van de raad van beheer hem de gelegenheid bied om te promoveren naar de 13de verdieping, grijpt Mark deze kans met beide handen. Spoedig verzeilt hij in een sinister spel, waarvan de regels zo tegenstrijdig… Continue reading THE 13TH HOUSE


Berkeley is a quaint little Australian town, where you can find good fishing and homemade pies. Life here is like living in a holiday postcard… until a meteorite shower rips through a lazy summer day. The onslaught of space rocks brings a deadly plague that twists the happy citizens into zombies with insatiable appetites for… Continue reading UNDEAD


On a lost stretch of the Australian outback, something strange is happening. Crisis, conflict, breakdown; who will decide to move on? And what awaits those who turn back?


A young astrophysicist, Dean Olsen, discovers a mysterious book in the cellar of his uncle Edward’s old mansion, The book records the entire history of the universe, revealing to its readers anything they wish to know. Fearful of the book’s dark history, Edward warns Dean against delving into its secrets. But Dean is seduced by… Continue reading THE INSIDE STORY


After a painful divorce, Lynn Graham and her three children move from Los Angeles to the Australian Gold Coast. They expect a few cultural differences. But they didn’t think they would ever find a demonic presence residing at the bottom of the garden, preying from a derelict children’s playhouse. Natalie and Ivan, the youngest of… Continue reading CUBBYHOUSE


A dark tale about the obsession and the solitude of a man looking for his physical and emotional other half…