Véronique Jadin

After she obtained a master’s degree in Languages and Literature, Véronique Jadin trained as an assistant director for Molinaro and Doillon, among others. Her first short film, EN FANFARE, was shown in over sixty festivals and received the Grand Jury Prize and the Best Actress Prize for Tsilla Chelton at the Brussels Short Film Festival,… Continue reading Véronique Jadin


A sixty-year-old who has always obediently followed the rules, suffers an existential burnout. He has always done his part and, in his own modest way, has worked for a better society. But that society has hit rock bottom and our former good Samaritan is no longer in the mood for concessions. Moloss is his name… Continue reading MOLOSS


Kiki is a police diver. You can’t imagine all the stuff she brought back to the surface when diving in Molenbeeck’s canal: corpses, weapons, scooters… but never before a severed hand! After an autopsy, the hand appears to have been chopped off while the victim was (still) alive. A reckoning in the drug world? That’s… Continue reading RITUAL


Despite endless warnings by scientists and BIFFF-ers alike, all pathetic attempts to save our planet have failed. Our ecosystem has collapsed and along with it, society’s structures. Many people perished, the powerful fled to walled-in, high-tech Citadels that artificially hold up an illusion of civilization. The rest of humanity linger like wild animals in a… Continue reading VESPER


Back in the 90’s, the quiet Belgian town of Mons – our very own the Shire, in a way – was shook to the bone by a murder spree that left five women chopped up and scattered across the city in garbage bags. Arms, legs, torso, skull… Except for a trail of blood, the police… Continue reading MEGALOMANIAC


Joe isn’t hard to please; fries swamped in ketchup, a fresh pint and his mates is all he needs to be happy. But he’s also got one peculiar passion… Ever since the The Belgian Wave of UFO observations in the 80’s, Joe has been obsessed and convinced that aliens have infiltrated every layer of society.… Continue reading KIPKAP


Rose and Antoine, a loving though fragile young couple, are “expecting” as the apostles of the First Commandment (“Be Fruitful and Multiply”) tend to say. They’re also expecting that this lil’ chunk of love will magically heal all the festering family wounds and more importantly will calm down the overzealous mother-in-law who showers them with… Continue reading GRAVIDAM


Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines and ketamine. An epic mix capable of knocking a rhino off its paws, but it’s also a potentially lethal cocktail that sends River to the emergency room after his best buddy Donny committed suicide. But like a Phoenix rising after a thorough stomach pump, River is alive and well! Not quite… Continue reading RIVER


It’s the story of a lumberjack who just wanted to mind his own business… One morning, or one afternoon – seeing as we’re not boy and girl scouts here, we’re never quite sure in a forest – he bumps into something that his eyes will never forget: a brutally mutilated body. Flesh, blood, guts, fragments… Continue reading LOGGER