A scientist turned into a vampire is terrorizing the “girls” of a trendy nightclub… “As sete vampiras” is the first South-American movie that the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival will screen. If such numerous and cosmopolite fantastic movies are being screened to a Brazilian public fond of that genre Brazil, unlike other South American nations,… Continue reading THE SEVEN VAMPIRES

King Car

The car whisperer… A wild ride of a film with capitalistic zombies, class struggles and (un)protected flesh on metal sex. The worthy heir of CHRISTINE and CRASH is Brazilian for sure!

The Division

Rio de Janeiro, 1997. “Love me, love me, say that you love me” the Cardigans croon on the radio, but that’s of little comfort to the girl who’s listening. She’s being held hostage in a sleazy room and her captors demand ransom from her rich senator of a dad. She’s one of the 11 kidnappings… Continue reading The Division

Macabre by Marcos Prado

Serra dos Órgãos, Brazil. If that seemed like a fun destination on Tripadvisor, think again! Murders take place in these magnificent mountains, gruesome murders with a touch of necrophilia… The locals are quick to blame the two black boys of the village and they want to see them hang. Military police officer Teo (Renato Goés)… Continue reading Macabre by Marcos Prado


As a country that has Bolsonaro for president and that lost 2-1 against Belgium in the World Cup, it’s not surprising that Brazil dreams of traveling back in time. Daniel however has other motives. Years and years he’s been slaving away in search of the formula for time travel, which seems at his fingertips but… Continue reading Loop


In a normal job, nothing strange is supposed to happen. But what if you’re asked to do something illegal?


A little girl wanders though our technological and literary planet, which can be so sweet and tasty…