Dale Domazar is the kind of obnoxious, pigeon-brained alpha male TV channels all over the world love to air in dumb shows like “Cult Buster”, in which Dale goes around de-programming secret cults. A smash hit! That is, until the season’s finale goes off the rails with a human sacrifice and all the cult members… Continue reading CULT HERO


Beth is a volunteer on the night-watch patrol through the snowy streets of a sleepy little northern town in Canada. While never a particularly lively place, things have lately taken a turn for the worse. Something mysterious happened a couple of months ago and ever since there’s no more sunlight. Everybody is forced to take… Continue reading WINTERTIDE


Do you know Pangnirtung, or literally “the place of the bull caribou”, in the province of Nunavat by the Arctic Circle? Nope? That’s normal. Nothing ever happens there. In summer it’s even worse, with 24 hours of daylight and non-stop boredom. Of course, to kill time, teenagers hang around the neighboring tundra to hunt little… Continue reading SLASH/BACK


Laaadies and gentlemen, in the left corner we have the ‘Kids’, more precisely Gary and his teenage sis Samantha. Frequently abandoned by their parents, they kill the time shooting their own horror flicks with theirs buds, or by being pushed around by school bully Billy, who gets them to agree on organizing a Halloween party… Continue reading KIDS VS ALIENS


An ordinary young couple find an isolated place to park their car and love each other away from prying eyes. At least that’s what they believe…


In a Black suburb, a couple begins to notice that their neighbours are disappearing and white people are moving in. What they discover is much darker than they could ever imagine.


Just like a pretty picture postcard of Canada; the Porcupine River is lined with century-old fir trees, caribous are quietly grazing in the background, there’s syrup, maple trees and wooden cabins. A bucolic place if there ever was one, perfect for a family picnic watching the river flow by. Until a canoe, at first glance… Continue reading THE BREACH


Welcome to Peacock Island, the peninsula where the proud peacocks of Quebec capitalism are happy to idly loaf around, a bourgeois stronghold with no intentions to mingle with the rest of the country. And there’s a new fad in town: playing golf all year long, even during harsh winter months at -30 degrees. In this… Continue reading BRAIN FREEZE


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