Brandon Cronenberg’s second offering, after his relentlessly bleak debut feature ANTIVIRAL (BIFFF 2013), gives us another glimpse of what growing up with a dad like David Cronenberg must’ve felt like; probably with a strict minimum of watching movies starring Robin Williams. It’s the near future. Tasya Vos is on the brink of a burnout, what… Continue reading POSSESSOR


Earth, meet your doom! On his path of havoc and destruction of the entire universe, the Archduke of Nightmares, the Master of Unspeakable Evil, the Voldemort of Cosmic Proportions, has set his mind on our puny world. There’s just one thing standing in his way: a pre-teen girl, Mimi (an amazing Nita-Josee Hanna) and her… Continue reading PSYCHO GOREMAN


This Canadian film by John Hough takes place in a peaceful town in California that is suddenly shaken up by a series of bloody murders, committed by a sexual maniac. The doctor and police officer, impersonated by John Cassavetes and John Ireland, vainly attempt to find a trace in this mysterious case. Until one day,… Continue reading INCUBUS


The cold U have, the cold sores on Your lips, Your palpations,… are you sure you are not causing it yourself not to suffocate, to speak. Have You heard of the word «Psychosomatic»? A scientific fact is indisputable. Where does medical science end? Where to does she take us? Far. Very far. THE BROOD gives… Continue reading THE BROOD


Everything can change for Bart: a young driven director very much appreciated by his boss, will soon get a promotion with a big responsibility: he will first have to bring in a national reorganisation project (in the USA) for his firm. Everything seems to go well. His wife and sun are on a holiday, so… Continue reading OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN