The near future. Interactive computer games have become the number one entertainment and their creators are treated as superstars. Now there is one game that beats all the rest. eXistenZ is a new organic game system which, when downloaded into humans, accesses their central nervous systems. It transports them to a different reality, changing every… Continue reading eXistenZ

Michel Poulette

Cana­dian direc­tor ­Michel Pou­lette was work­ing with Radio-­Québec, when he met a group of irrev­er­ent ­screen writ­ers, who would later ­become the com­edy group Rock et ­Belles ­Oreilles. From 1985 until 1988, he ­became the pro­ducer for their tele­vi­sion ­series. To him, it was “just like shoot­ing in a movie stu­dio. Half the time I… Continue reading Michel Poulette

Serg Dupire

Young Canadian actor Serge Dupire is already a veteran of more than forty cinematic and theatrical productions. He made his debut in 1978 in Jean-Claude Lord’s Eclair au chocolat. In the following years he appeared in films such as Le Crime d’Ovide Plouffe (Denis Arcand, 1983), La Femme de l’hôtel (Lea Pool, 1983), L’Ile (François… Continue reading Serg Dupire


Peter Glahn, a former political prisoner, returns after several years of incarceration to his homeland of Mandragora, where the sun never sets. While on the boat taking him home, Peter spends a few precious minutes in the enticing and rarefied company of Juliana, a beautiful young woman with whom he falls desperately and immediately in… Continue reading TWILIGHT OF THE ICE NYMPHS


Three centuries ago, in the age of Vermeer, the consumptive, hedonistic beauty, Eva Van Daam, has taken her own twin brother as her lover. Ostracized from Holland, the Van Daams flee to a remote, craggy island off the coast of Maine, to which we are introduced in the present through the beautiful Kathleen and her… Continue reading HEMOGLOBIN


Myriam, a rich heir, thanks her immortality to a substance which she substracts from people. The last switch in in a long chain is John, her companion, who is also drawn to eternity. But when his ageing process starts to speed up, nothing can stop him anymore. Behold a film that excels the fantastic and… Continue reading THE HUNGER


Johnny Scardino is a crime scene photographer who’s seen it all. Detached and cynical, Johnny does his job dispassionately, without any outward sign of emotion. The cops who work traffic accident scenes have a nickname for Johnny. They call him “Skidmarks”, a reference to the tire track marks left by smashed up cars at crash… Continue reading JOHNNY SKIDMARKS


A renegade priest, Jacob Vassey, who has been tracking a devil-worshipping cult, breaks into an abandoned warehouse. In a secret room on the floor above him, a powerful blood ritual sacrifice is being performed. The leader of the cult, a “turned” archbishop, pronounces the final magical incantation that conjures up a creature from the depths… Continue reading SHADOWBUILDER