On a beautiful day on the Italian coast, young Vera disappears. Two years later she turns up again, but as an adult woman with complete loss of memory. Her still grief-torn parents can hardly believe that this woman is their little girl, until DNA-tests prove Vera’s identity. The plot thickens when memories start to resurface… Continue reading VERA DE VERDAD


Because of industrial mining and the relentless search for minerals, the Andes plateaus have turned into a waterless wasteland. The remaining population lives in degrading refugee camps, fleeing the war that’s raging in large parts of the continent. When young Yaku’s father dies and she learns she’s expecting, she decides to go and look for… Continue reading THE UNSEEN

Lucio Rojas

Demian Rugna was born in September 1979 in Haedo, Bs As, Argentina. He is a Director and Screenwriter specializing in fantasy and horror films. At eight years of age, he begins to create his own comic books recreating his favorite movies. This leads him, several years later, to study cartoon drawings with Horacio Lalia, from… Continue reading Lucio Rojas


When four female friends decide to take a holiday trip to the Chilean countryside, things do not go as planned. The week-end starts fine. It’s sunny, the place is gorgeous and to top it all, there’s plenty of wine to kick-off the girls-only party. But there’s something dark lurking in this peaceful setting. As the… Continue reading TRAUMA


For mysterious reasons, a writer at the end of his tether cannot finish his current writing assignment.


A ten year old girl awakes in the middle of a devastated landscape. She begins to wander through a contaminated land, in search of food and people. But all she finds is chaos and destruction. Soldiers in gas masks are waging a ferocious war against the infected. There’s a virus in the air that turns… Continue reading DESCENDENTS

Nacho Argiro

Nacho Argiro has been working together with codirector Gabriel Lopez for 8 years, splitting the actors direction and art direction. Argiro is an Argentinian film maker who moved to Chile several years ago. He studied art in New York and performed as a creative director in the advertising agency Grey Chile. Argiro is a huge… Continue reading Nacho Argiro