Chile, 2006. Everybody has had enough of the reality TV phenomenon. Ratings are dropping fast. When one network loses the rights for the Football World Cup, in which Chile has finally qualified after eight years, they decide to create the most extreme reality TV show ever. In Underground, twelve young men and woman with different… Continue reading EL NOMINADO

Jorge Olguín

Young Chilean director Jorge Olguin is one of the rising names in Latin American fantasy. At the University for Arts and Social Studies in Santiago, he shows himself to be a prolific short film maker, with titles such as Maria Bloody Maria, Un Arma Para Claudia and El Reo Jesus being awarded at many Chilean… Continue reading Jorge Olguín

Alejandro Jodorowsky

Alejandro Jodorowsky first sets foot in Paris in 1955 with the intention of becoming a mime player. Alongside Marcel Marceau, he takes the course of Etienne Decroux. Afterwards, he works with Maurice Chevalier in the Music Hall, before his decisive encounters with people like Roland Topor and Francisco Arrabal, with whom he founds le Théâtre… Continue reading Alejandro Jodorowsky


Journalism student Carmilla meets a group of kids that play a role game called “Eternal Blood”. Her interest in this unusual pass time is stirred by “M”, a young man she met in a philosophy seminar. M seduces Carmilla to take part in the role game. During a strange party at an abandoned house, the… Continue reading ETERNAL BLOOD


Dr. Chance is the story of a young man who lives in a South American capital. His name is Angstel, a combination of Angst (fear) and Angel. He’s part dandy, part desperado, and he’s always drifting between two extremes: indifference and total commitment. One evening, Angstel is waiting for Zelda in front of a movie… Continue reading DR. CHANCE