White Snake

Finding love in ancient China wasn’t always easy. One day Xuan (Tianxiang Yang), the poor devil falls head over heels in love with Blanca (Zhe Zhang), an angelically beautiful girl… that also happens to be a fierce white snake demon. Of the kind that occasionally turn into a big-ass snake and terrorizes his cute little… Continue reading White Snake

Super Me

At our favorite Chinese restaurant – Mr. Wrong’s Shoalin Chop Suey – we just looove the fortune cookies after meals. Our most recent one? “Success will flourish in the area of the workplace, yielding benefits of all kinds. Finances will be booming for the entirety of the year and your income might even double!” Well,… Continue reading Super Me

Two Tigers

Zhang is the embodiment of success. He’s on the cover of every magazine, his costumes are easily worth several minimum wages, and his work buddies are CAC 40, Nikkei and Dow Jones. But, such exuberant wealth is evidently a great source of jealousy… And what’s bound to happen, happens. Zhang gets kidnapped and imprisoned by… Continue reading Two Tigers

Call Haeven to Haeven

The brothers Oxide and Danny Pang already made scream-o-meters all around the world sky-rocket with 2002’s THE EYE. Picked up by Sam Raimi, the Pangs followed up with THE MESSENGER, starring a pre-TWILIGHT Kristen Stewart, and BANGKOK DANGEROUS with St. Nicolas Cage! In short, Pang is a name to be reckoned with in today’s genre… Continue reading Call Haeven to Haeven

Spirit of the Drowning Girls

The ghost story is inspired by a letter of the famous ancient Chinese poet / scholar Dongpo Su (1037-1101). A young Kongfu master falls into the trap of an evil old spirit who enslaves dead little girls drowned by their own parents.

The Chef

An old Chinese chef teaches a robot to cook, which places him in a dilemma between artificial intelligence and the human race.