During the Ming Dynasty, imperial animal trainer Ocean is introduced to a rather strange creature which he names Lucky. After he witnesses the innocent gremlin-like ball of fur getting mistreated by the evil eunuch Crane, he sets him free. This infuriates Crane, who immediately puts a huge bounty on both Ocean and Lucky’s heads. From… Continue reading KUNG FU MONSTER


Lion, Crater, Bill, Mouse and Calm are best friends and partners in crime since their years at the orphanage. After ten years as mercenaries for crime syndicates, they come to a point (as we all do) to take it slow. They’ve seen enough blood, bullets and random kills for several lifetimes. But there’s one last… Continue reading GOLDEN JOB


Butong is a monk of the Xuanguang Temple, but he’s not just your average monk. To begin with, he has a funny name that nobody dares to laugh with because of his supernatural powers. Where did he get them from? He doesn’t have a clue. His dysfunctional family has definitely nothing to do with it.… Continue reading THE GOLDEN MONK


In Cantonese (the Chinese language as spoken in Hong Kong, you dummy!), the phrase “chasing the dragon” refers to inhaling the vapor from a heated solution of morphine, heroin, opium, methamphetamine, and other superfoods… Hallucinogenic drugs are exactly the trademark of Ho the cripple. Once, he sneaked into Hong Kong as an illegal immigrant but… Continue reading CHASING THE DRAGON


What some people do for a living! A medical examiner has the unenviable task of cutting up bodies and prying into their intestines. As the saying goes: it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. On a weekday night in Hong Kong, one such dude is diligently at work alongside his assistant. Then, without… Continue reading BODIES AT REST


Taiwan in the near future. Middle-aged Zhang is an agitated man. For more than thirty years now, he has lived apart from his wife but he just can’t seem to leave her alone. On a night when she goes tango dancing with her new lover, he shows up unannounced and physically attacks them. After that,… Continue reading CITIES OF LAST THINGS


Dao, the new sheriff of the peaceful city of Kaifeng, thinks he has found the perfect hideout. Besides a few illegally parked carriages and some bulls exceeding the speed limit, he’s not expecting a lot of work. Alas, he couldn’t be more wrong, a titanic battle is brewing. The innocent looking peasants that Dao sees… Continue reading THE THOUSAND FACES OF DUNJIA


China and surrounding countries during the Song dynasty, sometime between the tenth and the thirteenth century: a Mongolian football team made up of freaks with superpowers challenges teams from neighboring countries to a soccer game. The defeated are systematically forced to give up their land (a nice alternative for wars of conquest, don’t you think?).… Continue reading SOCCER KILLER


Wuba, a little monster in human lands, decides to leave the warm family nest to live on his own. Tian and Lan, his adoptive parents, will surely miss their tentacled radish, but they are far from suspecting the new perils awaiting their offspring. Because Wuba is the one who’ll restore peace to the Monster Kingdom… Continue reading MONSTER HUNT 2


Following up the alien invasion that occurred in Skyline ( 2010 ), this spin-off / sequel tells the story of Mark, a grizzled LAPD cop ( played by Frank Grillo ) who is taking his son home after a night in jail. Little do they know that while sitting in the subway an alien attack… Continue reading BEYOND SKYLINE