Lorraine is a young novelist who has been suffering from severe headaches, nightmares and occasional short-term memory loss from a car accident. Daily medication has become a part of her life. One day, a plane crash kills Lorraine’s husband Kenny. Not long after the accident, a call made by Kenny’s cell phone startles Lorraine. On… Continue reading THE APOSTLES


In a creepy and moody Hong Kong public housing tower, Siu-ho finds himself reaching the end of the line as a washed-up actor who’s also separated from his wife and alienated from his son. Down on his luck and with barely a dollar to his name, he checks into room 2442, which is allegedly a… Continue reading RIGOR MORTIS


As a devoted son, Mark makes the difficult decision to withhold evidence in court for his employer when told to do so. The promotion he gets, allows him to move his aging mother to a nicer retirement home. But his action sets off a chain of events starting with a threatening call from a blackmailer,… Continue reading CONTROL


Inside an enormous bar on a busy street, all the patrons are being held hostage. Among them are policeman Zhong Wen and his daughter Miao Miao, and several strangers who seem to have met before. The kidnapper is the bar owner Wu Jiang. His only demand is the release of a longterm prisoner. What motive… Continue reading POLICE STORY 2013


Lu Chan was born with a bump on the head, a sign that he’s destined for greatness. Unfortunately he also has the talent to wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time. After getting involved in a battle between rebels and the troops of the Qing dynasty, he has to flee to the… Continue reading TAI CHI ZERO


After Lu Chan heroically stopped the plans of the railroad company to wipe the village of Chen off the map, master Chen finds a shortcut to initiate their savior into the secrets of their Tai Chi martial arts, which is forbidden for outsiders. He marries him to his daughter Yuniang, despite the protest of the… Continue reading TAI CHI HERO


The Gazer Warrior belongs to those lonesome superheroes fighting evil instead of getting a real life. But, when he meets Aroma Woman during a superhero standoff, they immediately fall in love. Getting tired of their busy lifestyle, they decide to retreat to a small village, under the false identity of Huan and Red. Five peaceful… Continue reading MR , MRS INCREDIBLE


Being part of a notorious band of assassins does not do wonders with one’s social life. Especially not when you betray them and run away with the mystical mummified remains of an Indian monk. After another bloody job, Drizzle – a lethal and very attractive hired killer – decides to turn her back on the… Continue reading REIGN OF ASSASSINS