Shanghai, the 1930s. Pretty female radio host Manli narrates the latest instalment of a romantic story in which a rich man breaks off with his girlfriend but then writes asking her forgiveness and her hand in marriage. She then rushes out to meet Junchu, the love of her life, on a busy Shanghai street. Just… Continue reading THE MATRIMONY


Tam is an impoverished private detective. Business is very slow. Then a guy called Lung walks into his office, looking terrified and asking for his help. He shows Tam a picture of a young lady and tells the detective that she’s following him. Lung doesn’t know much about her, but he’s convinced she’s out to… Continue reading THE DETECTIVE


A key artefact in one of the stories of the Kalevala, the famous Finnish epic poem, is the Sampo, a magical happiness machine forged by a legendary smith to help win the love of a woman. But the Sampo is stolen by a powerful demon who believes it can be used to create hell on… Continue reading JADE WARRIOR


Yin Fei is the head of a family of acrobats. She has kept safe half the key to an ancient Buddhist relic, for generations in her family. The Sharira of Xuan Zang contains the life-essence of a venerable Buddhist monk. Now, evil art collector Karl has managed to find the other half of the key,… Continue reading THE TOUCH


In the post-apocalyptic mid-21st Century, the Gui Dao sect rules continental Asia. Zhuai and his younger brother Mian are captured and sent to Camp Prosperity, so that their dissident minds can be re-educated. They soon discover that camp life is more than just propaganda, bureaucratic annoyance and trafficking. When the sect is suddenly overthrown, Zhuai… Continue reading ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES


At the end of the Yuan dynasty, China was conquered by Mongolia. For the Han Chinese, the Mongolians and the Korean migrants, living together caused a lot of tension and conflict. The story begins in the spring of 1343. Jin-ha is the only son of a Korean nobleman. Sul-ri is the daughter of the Mongolian… Continue reading BICHUNMOO


Fat, a taxi driver, is addicted to gambling and has to deal with heavy debt. To get away from the loan sharks, he moves in with his family, who live in an ancient Chinese apartment. But there is something weird about the place. Fat’s five-year-old son, On, cries every night and can hardly sleep. One… Continue reading TROUBLESOME NIGHT 5