Aurelio (72) is the lifesaver in a parallel world where people in coma go. Esther (67) arrives at the pool and joins a group of people who train for a competition, the winner will return to life with their families.


You’re young and dynamic. You’ve just finished your military service. You’ve decided you want an adventurous life because you don’t want to get bogged down in the quagmire of daily routines. You’re travelling through South America for a year and now you’re in Bolivia. You bump into a guy who tells you about an Indian… Continue reading JUNGLE


José, a systems engineer, discovers the symptoms of lytomiasis, a mortal and strange disease that, according to the media, has arrived in the city from the Amazon jungle. Whoever is attacked by the virus, dies a few days later as the body is totally covered by a second skin of voracious bacteria. Horrified, José tries… Continue reading OTHERS


After a strong traumatic experience which leads her to suffer from agoraphobia, Vega is forced to spend some time from work and put her social life on hold. Her father pushes her to move to a new apartment, where she practically begins to live like a hermit. She starts seeing things that cannot be explained… Continue reading ESPECTRO


A girl is found murdered in a sordid hotel in the centre of Bogota. She is only known by her surname: “Golondrina” (butterfly). By force of circumstance, Emerson, an ex-cop, becomes the investigator of the crime. He pieces together fragments of the girl’s life, even though he does not know the true identity of the… Continue reading SOPLO DE VIDA