This film is from a man we can call without any doubt the second Méliès because of his amazing fantasy and poetry, which is clearly taken from the French filmmaker who, at the beginning of the twentieth century, made lots of short films with trickery. Based on the work of Jules Verne, K. Zeman succeeds… Continue reading THE DEADLY INVENTION


We are in the year 2163. Since four months, a crew navigates the vast galaxy. The good mood of the crew is disturbed by an alarm signal. A strange entity appears on the screen. Is it a comet from the system Proxima? The closer they come, the more details they can distinguish. It’s a spaceship.… Continue reading IKARIE XB I


You could say that Karel Zeman was able to accomplish what Méliès couldn’t realise. On the Comet is an intricate little juwel of animation, a wonderful movie adventure. The director is only interested in fiction, in the fantastical. Characters escape from their painted sets. The frame goes from black to white and then to color.… Continue reading HECTOR SERVADAC’S ARK