Steinmetz is an incredible being with superpowers. He can think things and make them real with his mind. His greatest ambition is to recreate life, to create a human being. This is why he is going to meet with Max Holst, a brain surgeon, who can help him succeed by means of a tricky surgery.… Continue reading THE MAN WHO THOUGHT LIFE

Riders Of Justice

After ADAM’S APPLES and MEN AND CHICKEN, grandmaster Anders Thomas Jensen delivers a brilliant pitch-black revenge comedy. And, yes, Mads Mikkelsen is heading the cast again. Simply essential viewing!


When a lifelong friend departs, a stubborn old man has to face his inner fears in order to restore peace to his mind.

Søren Juul Petersen

For 15 years, Søren worked in the outer circle of Danish film production as a producer and story editor in his own production setup Zeitgeist Film – one of the autonomous production companies under Lars Von Trier’s Zentropa in Filmbyen, Copenhagen. Here, Søren produced a number of film projects, including 5 feature films: WEBMASTER, RULE… Continue reading Søren Juul Petersen

Anne Bergfeld

Anne Bergfeld was raised among the Danish minority in Germany’s Flensburg and graduated from Sønderborg State School and Gymnasium. She worked in theatre for some years and after being rejected at the third test of the National Danish Theater School, she chose to submit for the fourth (and alternative) acting school in Denmark: the Ophelia… Continue reading Anne Bergfeld