The trail of a lost dog leads a country gentleman Meelis to the outskirts of a village where a mysterious crime has taken place. While trying to figure out the truth behind the strange events, a growing suspicion tempts to claim another victim.

Sulev Keedus

Estonian director Sulev Keedus graduated from the Tallinn Pedagogical Institute in 1979 as a stage director. In 1989 he also completed a two year course for screenwriters and film directors in Moscow. Keedus has directed 11 documentaries and 4 feature films. His feature film debut was A Single Sunday ( 1990 ). His next films… Continue reading Sulev Keedus


Jeremia, a sharp shooter in the Estonian army, was sent to Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban. Instead he found himself taken prisoner by them. During his years of captivity, he converted to Islam. Now the man everyone thought was dead has returned home. Jeremia is looking for his daughter Angel. His only leads are… Continue reading LETTERS TO ANGEL


Tony is completely stuck in a mid-life existential crisis since his father died. He watches the world around him and notices a slight smell of the apocalypse. His fellow men seem to be bored stiff and pass the time by organizing nihilistic orgies or by metaphysically giving the same importance to questions like e.g.“Give me… Continue reading THE TEMPTATION OF ST TONY


Naine is a terrific vamp who easily attracts male attention, but lately she hasn’t been feeling that well. Her complexion has started to look alarmingly like Bukowski’s liver ; her appetite is as ravenous as an anorexic in front of a juicy quarter pounder and she feels depressed as hell. Naine decides to build an… Continue reading THE SNOW QUEEN


Who is this young fellow living with his mother in this lost place ? Is it the North of Finland or is it Estonia ? What has his father done to deserve being in jail ? How can they survive in this miserable farm and in the cold ? Who is this visitor seeking shelter… Continue reading THE STRANGER


A key artefact in one of the stories of the Kalevala, the famous Finnish epic poem, is the Sampo, a magical happiness machine forged by a legendary smith to help win the love of a woman. But the Sampo is stolen by a powerful demon who believes it can be used to create hell on… Continue reading JADE WARRIOR