1944, on the desolate plains of the Lapland tundra. As World War II slowly draws to a close, a gold digger stumbles upon a 24-karat bonanza that will change his life. As he makes his way back to civilization, a convoy of defeated sons of the Third Reich cross his path in the oppoWebsite direction.… Continue reading SISU

My Unborn Son

Nora is facing the life-altering choice of whether or not to become a mother. By means of a lifelike simulation, she meets an AI version of the child she could have. What will Nora see when she looks into the eyes of her future child?

The Madman

A rookie detective investigates a reported sight of an armed man in the woods, which leads him to a claustrophobic fight for his life.

Sound Of Violence

When Alexis’ hearing is restored after the brutal murder on her family, she gains synthetic abilities. Years later, on a path of self discovery through the healing tones of brutal sounds, nothing can stop her to create her ultimate master piece.