Antti-Jussi Annila

After a good childhood – adventuring as the son of Tarzan and getting second degree ninja education in the forests, caves and tunnels around his home – AJ graduated from high school in 1996. A year in military service was followed by four year film study in Tampere School of Art and Media (Finland). AJ… Continue reading Antti-Jussi Annila


Who is this young fellow living with his mother in this lost place ? Is it the North of Finland or is it Estonia ? What has his father done to deserve being in jail ? How can they survive in this miserable farm and in the cold ? Who is this visitor seeking shelter… Continue reading THE STRANGER


A title like this is supposed to make us sweat, but as we are somewhere up North, we may assume that we’re talking about… cold sweat. The sauna is situated in a remote village somewhere between Russia and Finland. The year is 1595, just after a war between the two countries. The Finnish brothers Knut… Continue reading SAUNA


A key artefact in one of the stories of the Kalevala, the famous Finnish epic poem, is the Sampo, a magical happiness machine forged by a legendary smith to help win the love of a woman. But the Sampo is stolen by a powerful demon who believes it can be used to create hell on… Continue reading JADE WARRIOR


Kiia, a young sculptor who derives her inspiration from her own tortured mind, receives an invitation from Salo, the young priest of her home village Devil’s End. This small town, situated in the remote backyards of Northern Finland, suffers from depopulation. Salo would like her to design two fierce sculptures for the church, an angel… Continue reading AN EYE FOR AN EYE


A young police detective comes to a remote village in the wilderness to investigate a murder that has remained unsolved for too long. The senior investigator previously attached to the case has resigned for reasons of health. The new detective is determined to crack the case, by force if necessary. It’s not surprising, therefore, that… Continue reading THE QUIET VILLAGE