Vincent and Niels, his young padawan, are the happiest art thieves in the world. They have succeeded in stealing the famous Black Square by Kasimir Malevich, considered a masterpiece of Russian avant-garde. Now they are to sell the work to a filthy rich client on a cruise ship, cash in the 60 mill price tag… Continue reading THE BLACK SQUARE


Meet Frank. Frank is a prime specimen of resplendent bourgeoisie, success burling up at his every move, the world dancing at his fingertips. Frank doesn’t drink beer, he drinks champagne. He doesn’t fart, he just often blows off steam. He’s playing ball in the same league as Niemeyer, Gehry and Le Corbusier, never lowering his… Continue reading HOLY SHIT!

FAUST by Friedrich A. Murnau

After a meeting between God and Mephisto, the demon does everything to seduce Faust, to make a bargain with him and even take him under his wing. Finally, Faust travels to Europe and meets the Duchess of Parma. Faust, made in 1926, was the last film of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau in Germany. It is the… Continue reading FAUST by Friedrich A. Murnau