FAUST by Friedrich A. Murnau

After a meeting between God and Mephisto, the demon does everything to seduce Faust, to make a bargain with him and even take him under his wing. Finally, Faust travels to Europe and meets the Duchess of Parma. Faust, made in 1926, was the last film of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau in Germany. It is the… Continue reading FAUST by Friedrich A. Murnau


Since his mother died Bastien has become a reserved boy. One day the ten-year –old discovers an old fairytale book with the appealing title THE NEVER ENDING STORY in an old antique shop. Just by reading the first pages he is being pulled into the whirling and even magical story of the book that describes… Continue reading THE NEVERENDING STORY


Paris. At a public sale of a horror theatre the distinguished surgeon Gogol acquires an image of Yvonne Orlac, a well-known actress whom he fancies. That same night at a train accident the hands of Yvonne Orlac’s husband, a famous pianist, are irreparably maimed. The actress seeks doctor Gogol’s help, but at the moment of… Continue reading THE HANDS OF ORLAC