Singapore Sling is a very strong cocktail consisting of electroshocks, sadomasochism and necrophilia, mixed by the Greek writer-director Nikos Nikolaidis. No taboo is left unbroken as the film slowly descends into an explicit orgiastic nightmare of role-playing, degradation and fetishism.


We witness the dreamy course of life of a man. He grows up, changes and grows old. All the time he tries to hide his childhood deep inside of him, not realising that a parallel live takes place before his eyes.


Think negative: “Far away, on a tropical and magic isle…”.


The film is an adaptation in today’s world of the ancient Greek myth of Medusa. Medusa was a woman with a face so horrible, that it would petrify anybody, who would happen to look at it. She was killed by Perseus, an ancient hero. Perseus, rather than looking directly at her, looked at her image… Continue reading MEDUSA


An elderly man is found dead in his appartment. On his way to work, a press photograher finds himself blocked in an elevator, together with three others, one of them an elderly man. Elias Giannakakis (°1968) studied film in Athens. He first worked as an assistant for several productions before participating in 1993 with his… Continue reading THE LAST ACT