Yin Fei is the head of a family of acrobats. She has kept safe half the key to an ancient Buddhist relic, for generations in her family. The Sharira of Xuan Zang contains the life-essence of a venerable Buddhist monk. Now, evil art collector Karl has managed to find the other half of the key,… Continue reading THE TOUCH


The moment Jack and his newlywed bride Ching move into the apartment they recently purchased at a suspiciously low price, spooky things start happening in spades. Notwithstanding Jack’s miraculous recovery from a near fatal accident by a hit-and-run driver outside his building, everything starts going downhill. Very soon Jack is convinced that the apartment is… Continue reading VISIBLE SECRET II


Yan sees dead people. Jim, her psychologist thinks it’s all in her mind. Knowing that her condition is brought on by loneliness and by unpleasant experiences from past relationships, he devotes all his time to curing her. Doctor and patient soon fall in love as Yan is gradually freed from her visions. But then Jim… Continue reading INNER SENSES


Going Home (Hong Kong). Eric Tsang and his small son come to live in a large rundown and almost deserted apartment complex. Tsang has to leave his son to fend for himself and the boy takes to playing with the neighbour’s daughter. One day, he doesn’t come home. Memories (Korea). A man is overwrought with… Continue reading THREE


For years, O resides in an isolated world of killing. Being a disciplined perfectionist, he knows that any contact with the outside world could jeopardise his life. The death of his love Nancy only adds to his loneliness. Tok, a flambo-yant newcomer, fancies the thrill of killing and is driven to become the number one… Continue reading FULL TIME KILLER