In old China, shrouded in a mist that seems mythical, the world of martial arts is in chaos. The sudden appearance of the mighty and brutal Clan of the Celestial Dragon is the talk of the town. These perfidious baddies unleash hordes of poisoned bats on anything even remotely capable of doing a triple somersault… Continue reading THE MAGIC CRANE


Somewhere deep in the mythical mists of old China, a feudal underworld governed by cold steel and flexible muscle reigns: Jiang-Hu, the Community of the Sword. The main “players” are Zi-yang, leader of the legendary Wu Dang mountain clan, and Ji Wushuang, a Siamese twin monster who holds sway over the rival Mo clan. Zi-yang… Continue reading JIANG-HU: BETWEEN LOVE & GLORY


In 1997, Hong Kong seems prosperous and spared by the recession. In fact, the city is dangerous and rotten to the core. Gangs’ influence has become so important that they infiltrated every kind of profession. The police is almost completely corrupted, except for a small group of cops devoted heart and soul to the fight… Continue reading HARD BOILED