Krisztián, a young slacker raised by his aunt who’d rather teach him how to make magic potions than how to do his own laundry, is a lucky man. He was just accepted at his first job as a night watchman in a morgue. The description of the position, sitting on your ass and doing absolutely… Continue reading HALFWAY HOME


Rudi is the perfect example of a goody-goody. Always polite, on the straight path, never a disagreeable word, discrete and efficient at work. A man with manners and the pride of his grandpa, with whom he has a very strong bond. But one evening Grandpa receives a phone call from the police telling him Rudi… Continue reading THE GRANDSON


Somewhere in Eastern Europe, in a desert industrial area on the edge of the city, Eckermann, a meteorologist, takes a bath in the middle of an empty workshop. He spends most of his time daydreaming, which is why his friends call him Little Cloud. He has two friends: Berlioz, epicurean at heart and Vero, the… Continue reading METEO