Somewhere in Eastern Europe, in a desert industrial area on the edge of the city, Eckermann, a meteorologist, takes a bath in the middle of an empty workshop. He spends most of his time daydreaming, which is why his friends call him Little Cloud. He has two friends: Berlioz, epicurean at heart and Vero, the… Continue reading METEO

Post Mortem

If there’s something strange wandering the grounds of your typical 1918 Hungerian village, who you gonna call? Ghostbuster Tomás, using science to keep the dead where they belong… Director Péter Bergendy wrote his thesis on horror film psychology and uses all the dirty tricks in the book. Let that be a warning.


Since her husband killed himself, police detective Eva no longer visits the crime scenes. She prefers studying them through pictures but even then, she discovers things that others fail to see. Looking into a number of apparent suicides that have been quickly filed away, she tracks down a serial killer who wages a guerrilla war… Continue reading X – THE EXPLOITED