Half Serbian, half Hungarian Milan deserts from the Croatian army in 1992, the second year of the Yugoslavian civil war, and escapes to Hungary. As a former medical student, he finds a job as a paramedic in Budapest. Milan has two colleagues in his ambulance: Kistamas, the driver and Doctor Fek, the chief of the… Continue reading HEAVENLY SHIFT


Two boys, die-hard fans of Sherlock Holmes who call each other Holmes and Watson, are about to have the adventure of their life during the summer school holiday. They live in a small country town where strange things happen, but the adults don’t take any notice of it. More and more kids disappear, only to… Continue reading IN THE NAME OF SHERLOCK HOLMES


When a mother and daughter are found brutally murdered in 19th century Baltimore, Detective Emmett Fields makes a startling discovery: the crime resembles a fictional murder described in gory detail in the local newspaper; part of a collection of stories penned by struggling writer and social pariah Edgar Allan Poe. But even as Poe is… Continue reading THE RAVEN


Captured by US Special Forces in Afghanistan, Mohammed is transported to a secret military black site. When the army convoy plummets off a steep hill, Mohammed finds himself free and on the run behind enemy lines. A hostile, snowblanketed forest gradually turns out to be an Eastern European wilderness. Relentlessly pursued by his captors, Mohammed… Continue reading ESSENTIAL KILLING

Pater Sparrow

Hungarian film maker and production designer, and a son of actor and director István Verebes. Sparrow has a unique experimental style, blending mystic and surreal elements in space and time with visual allegories and codes. His work is influenced by Fellini, Resnais, Buñuel, Nicholas Roeg, Jodorowsky and Lynch.


We can be proud of our techno-thrilling comfort: our famous window to the world, broadened by cable, digital TV, Internet, Bluetooth… Nothing escapes anymore from the Peeping Toms we’ve become! We’re happy, we’ve got enough shit to talk about during boring diners with our boss or booze competitions with our friends. But, and this might… Continue reading 1


Egon and Donci live on an idyllic little planet in a neighboring solar system. Egon is an eccentric amateur rocket scientist, whose deeds are dogged by constant ill fortune caused mostly by a clumsy and decidedly overfed catlike creature called Donci. Their simple existence suddenly becomes complicated when an unidentified object crashes into their garden.… Continue reading EGON AND DONCI


1) A group of menacing soldiers on horseback challenge a local farm boy to contests of shooting, high jumping and running. When the boy is about to win the final race, the commander of the unit takes aim and shoots him dead. Fortunately, his grandmother’s mystical knowledge may be able to heal his wounds. 2)… Continue reading THE PORCELAIN DOLL

DOLL N° 639

A story that takes place in a future that could be the past.

CONTROL by Nimrod Antal

On the Budapest metro, the ticket inspectors or the “kontroll” are universally despised. And within the hierarchy of inspectors itself, the ragtag gang of misfits led by twenty something Bulscu are the lowest of the low. Bulscu has gone underground to escape from his past and from himself. He never leaves the subway, sleeping on… Continue reading CONTROL by Nimrod Antal