A Bus Came is a Hungarian film made up of five sketches, the various parts all tied together by being connected to a Budapest bus route. The mini-films contrast sharply with one another in atmosphere and style. No Comment by Arpad Schilling, whose Nexxxt – Frau Plastic Chicken Show was shown at the 20th festival,… Continue reading A BUS CAME…


Paris 1998, a crime with no trail. The police are clueless and ask a famous psychic to assist them. The chosen man with extraordinary talents comes from Hungary and calls himself Simon. At the station, he sees a girl. She is pale and frightened. Her name is Jeanne. A security guard is screaming at her.… Continue reading SIMON THE MAGICIAN


We’re building a tower of Bable with our desires. But who are the lucky winners in the lottery of life ? Who’ll see the light ? And will the tower not crumble under our ambitions ?

THE FALL by Andrew Piddington

Budapest, Hungary. Marta, a beautiful young woman, is being followed by two man. When one of them approaches, she jumps on his back and slits his throat. Nearby, Adam, an American writer, sees his hot shot lawyer girlfriend Lisa off to work. There’s a lot of tension between them. Adam came to Budapest only to… Continue reading THE FALL by Andrew Piddington


A timeless, placeless land. Over a desolate landscape the motley Iaola circus troupe wearily trundles along, in search of deliverance from a totalitarian regime. Each of them – the tightrope-walkers, the clowns, the equestrienne, the knife-thrower – longs for a new and better world. The Iaola troupe makes its way to a shabby harbour town,… Continue reading SAWDUST TALES


An old woman is forced by the bus driver to get off in the middle of the night. Out in the pouring rain in a dreary, menacing world she continues her journey. A truck driver and his companion accept to take her with them. But the old woman soon discovers that they are less friendly… Continue reading LONG TWILIGHT