Night of the Bride

Desperate to get their only son married, a family holds a young woman hostage.


The village of Aranjali is about to celebrate its annual festival and, frankly, it’s not going to be a nice little ball. No, it’s mostly a humongous excuse for a outrageous debauchery, where villagers, neighbors near and far, youngsters and elderly get down and dirty till dawn. A very Sodom and Gomorrah-ish atmosphere that some… Continue reading AJAGAJANTHARAM


Oh greed, the evil sin that wreaks havoc on people, families, and entire civilizations… Also bitten by the virus is Vinayak, a boy in a small Indian village when the British are still in control there. His mother is the carer of an old woman plunged into a deep sleep. But woe betide the one… Continue reading TUMBBAD


Before you start looking for the Mahishmati kingdom on the map: it’s unclear whether it has ever existed. But don’t let that spoil the fun because when it comes to mythology, few can rival with the Indians. Take for instance Baahubali: The Conclusion, the continuation of Baahubali: The Beginning (logical, ain’t it?). When the royal… Continue reading BAAHUBALI 2: THE CONCLUSION


With his cirrhosis stained eyes and his deep scars, Raman looks like a birth control commercial. Not happy enough with being as ugly as a warthog, Raman is a particularly odious serial killer. The reason for killing human beings ? Because it’s fun ! Raman is not even worried about the police, who are busy… Continue reading PSYCHO RAMAN


Jack is a renowned professor of archeology at the Terracotta Warrior Museum in China’s ancient city Xi’an. One day, Dr. Ashmita, a beautiful Indian archaeologist, arrives to show Jack a map that may present a clue to the long lost treasures of the Magadha Kingdom. She invites him on an expedition to Tibet. The group… Continue reading KUNG-FU YOGA


Not everybody can live in a paradise like Shivudu. For some of us he has it all: wonderful palaces, beautiful nature and the trust of the gods that he is destined for great things. But to accomplish his destiny he will need to do one thing: climb the waterfall barefoot so he can meet his dream woman.… Continue reading BAAHUBALI: THE BEGINNING


In the future, Jay and his wife Laura are exploring the depths of the ocean on the hunt for ancient artifacts from a sunken warship. They discover a ring encased in stone. When an accident occurs that puts Jay in a coma, his mind races back to the Colonial India, where he’s a Scotsman fighting… Continue reading THE LOVERS

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar graduated in film direction from the Indian National Film School in Pune. His student film, Judgement Day, a single shot short feature about a custodial death and its shocking cover-up, brought him a grant for Artist Residency from the Chicago Artists International Program. His short The Bypass, produced under UK Film Council and… Continue reading Amit Kumar