After his gangster epic Gangs of Wasseypur, Anurag Kashyap switches genres and tackles the thriller. Ugly, which makes you think of masterpieces such as Memories of Murder, premiered at the latest Cannes film festival. It has little to do with what usually coimes out of Bollywood. Ugly is sticky, violent, cruel and desperate. This fierce… Continue reading UGLY


Hardik and Luv are two dope heads who tag along to Goa with their best buddy Bunny on his business trip. Luv comes across free-spirited girl Luna who casually invites them to an exclusive underground rave party on a remote island. The party is the brainchild of the Russian Mafioso Boris, a testing ground for… Continue reading GO GOA GONE


EEGA - Bifff 2014

S.S. Rajamouli is one of the most innovative Indian film directors of the moment and Eega serves as the perfect illustration of his talent and imagination. The concept of the film is so insane and over the top, but the elaboration is entirely credible, entertaining and convincing that you have to see it to believe… Continue reading EEGA


As the raging monsoon lashes Mumbai, the police force struggles to keep up with the gangsters who are more than ever emboldened. Adi, a principled rookie cop who has just joined the force finds himself enrolled in the Mumbai police’s antiextortion unit, which is led by Khan, a cop shaped in the ‘Dirty Harry’ mould.… Continue reading MONSOON SHOOTOUT


Shekhar, a video game programmer in London, has the sex-appeal of a toaster and David Hasselhoff’s haircut. But most of all, he’s a father who would do anything for his son Prateek. And sonny boy wants a new video game with the worst possible game villain imaginable: a bionic version of Darth Vader, Sauron, Megatron… Continue reading RA-ONE


God couldn’t have been less inspired when he chose Quick Gun Murugan as his representative on Earth. In the 80ties, the Tamil country certainly needed an intrepid cowboy who could draw a pistol as easily as he could utter a chilling phrase. As for his looks, it would immediately prompt an epileptic fit from the… Continue reading QUICK GUN MURUGUN


When Anand was still a little boy, his mother Gayatri told him stories of how, in her native village of Sivapuram, she was going to be made a Devi, a half-goddess, to become the protector of the holy Snake Diamond. When an evil sorcerer tried to steal the jewel, Gayatri broke with the family tradition… Continue reading ANANDABHADRAM

Abhijit Chaudhuri

Indian director Abhijit Chaudhuri, a graduate of the University of Calcutta, has worked in advertising and television for over 12 years. Starting as a visualiser for an Advertising Agency, he moved on to work on independent television productions, before becoming a film executive with the Clarion Company. In 1995, together with his friends, Arjun Gourisaria… Continue reading Abhijit Chaudhuri


Hollywood, the roaring twenties. Roy Walker, a stunt man, has just terribly hurt himself while trying to mount a horse on a railroad bridge. Convalescing in a beautiful, austere old hospital, he learns that he may lose the use of his legs. A respite from this deep depression comes in the form of a little… Continue reading THE FALL