In a big city like Jakarta, where millions of people live, it’s pretty difficult to feel alone. Nevertheless, that’s exactly how Elang feels. Holed up in his tiny flat, the poor guy is not only constantly haunted by nightmares full of blood and murder, but also by a recurrent vision of a man in a… Continue reading BELENGGU


With its 18.000 islands, Indonesia is the world’s biggest archipelago. During the first centuries of our era, it was a trade region between India and China. It’s only in the 16th century that the European nations reached the Moluccas for the spice business. Hey, are we getting up your nose ? What do you want… Continue reading MACABRE


A nameless country is in a state of chaos as natural disasters, corruption and street justice rise. Part of the people grow more violent, the other part hope for the arrival of the promised leader, the Ratu Adil who will lead the country out of despair. Eros, a cop, is investigating the case of five… Continue reading KALA: DEAD TIME


Ferdy, Gembol, Sonny and Gita are four university students with an unusual hobby. They investigate reportedly haunted buildings. But after exploring every possible sign of paranormal activity, they still have to catch a glimpse of their first supernatural entity. Fed up with the lack of spirits in Jakarta, Ferdy suggests to go to Angker Batu,… Continue reading THE UNINVITED