Ivan Kavanagh (THE CANAL) returns with a chilling horror flick about cults, abuse, a gruesome hunger and all-consuming darkness. To all (future) mothers and fathers, consider yourselves warned: this one rips your tender little parental hearts to pieces!

Sins of a Werewolf

When a seasoned parish priest is bitten on the arse by a mysterious animal, he begins transforming into a werewolf every full moon. The ensuing blood-shed leads to a resurgence in Mass attendances from fearful locals, much to the delight of his senior colleagues.

Sea Fever

Ever had a nightmare in which you’re suddenly in the middle of the ocean, not a single ship on the horizon, while a strange entity grabs your leg? Well, SEA FEVER is the extended director’s cut of this nightmare… Science wunderkind but socially awkward Siobhan is forced to trade in the safe environment of her… Continue reading Sea Fever


Ireland 1851; a farm hand at the end of the Great Famine encounters a ghostly female figure leading him to a new hope.


A young blonde (bad omen!) is trying to make an impression on Mr. Franklin, a mysterious man with a contract killing business. Her first job is shadowing two shady hit men, the youngest of whom she immediately sweeps off his feet just by looking at him. In the meantime, she moonlights (or is it a… Continue reading TERMINAL


Sarah hasn’t had an easy life so far. She tries to turn the page by taking her young son to a new abode in a rural setting. Behind her house, the woods stretch out for miles: the ideal spot to get away from it all, isn’t it? But one night, she wakes up with a… Continue reading THE HOLE IN THE GROUND


Rose is a kindhearted woman in a small Irish town who spends her days teaching the local population how to drive. She isn’t very forthright about her supernatural abilities because, in the past, they often had disastrous consequences. Except for her sister, she is alone in the world and her free time is mostly spent… Continue reading EXTRA ORDINARY