Brendan, a porter at the Dublin Medical College, is plagued with financial strains and a gambler’s sordid past. He has let down his wife and his daughter, who desperately wants to go to university. However, Brendan, never one to crumble or even falter under stress, has a plan. He’s found a “golden goose”, an object… Continue reading ON THE NOSE


Death scares us all. Yet it happens to everyone; rich and poor, beautiful and ugly, smart and stupid,… And inventing all kinds of myths to soften the pain won’t help a bit. You have to accept it, period !


Unhappy with the poor living conditions they must endure from their negligent, drunken owner; Mr. Jones, the animals of Manor Farm gather for a secret meeting to plan a revolt. Major, the wise old pig tells them that humans are the source of their misery and teaches them an anthem that celebrates rebellion against human… Continue reading ANIMAL FARM


A city in Ireland in the near future. An uneasy peace has hung over the city for a number of years now. Law and order is maintained by two rival gangs, the Boilermen and the Westies. Between them they rule the city. Luke Bradley is an ordinary citizen who has avoided being involved with either… Continue reading SUNSET HEIGHTS