So, in short, a teacher brings her all-girl group of thesis students along on a weekend to a nuclear bunker that has been sealed off to the public since the end of the Cold War. But, lucky for them, she got in contact with a shady dude that has a key and can let them… Continue reading ANTHROPOPHAGUS II


Clerville, kind of like an Italian Gotham City, is in the grip of a masked scoundrel that has a nasty tendency to pull off the most yolo heists. This scoundrel’s name? Diabolik. A lawless criminal, an anti-hero who doesn’t care about defending the weak and the poor and who has a black belt in the… Continue reading DIABOLIK

Una Nuova Prospettiva

While playing in a forest with his friends, a young boy comes across a lost and crying child of foreign ethnicity, bodies piled up in rows, military policemen with their dogs and a high wall of barbed wire. Where are we?.. And when?

Francesca Cuttica

Italian actress Francesca Cuttica is an international revelation. She sharpened her acting talents by following courses and internships in Italy and abroad. Francesca made her debut on the big screen in 2003 in the drama ‘Io che amo solo te’. We could enjoy her last year as an interpreter for an alien visitor in The… Continue reading Francesca Cuttica

INFERNO by Dario Argento

A victim to her curiosity, a young poet seems to have woken a demon. She calls her brother for help to protect her. He tries to save her but he only encounters corpses. INFERNO, even more than the other films by Dario Argento, is an esthetical film but a real nightmare in which image and… Continue reading INFERNO by Dario Argento