Francesca Cuttica

Italian actress Francesca Cuttica is an international revelation. She sharpened her acting talents by following courses and internships in Italy and abroad. Francesca made her debut on the big screen in 2003 in the drama ‘Io che amo solo te’. We could enjoy her last year as an interpreter for an alien visitor in The… Continue reading Francesca Cuttica

INFERNO by Dario Argento

A victim to her curiosity, a young poet seems to have woken a demon. She calls her brother for help to protect her. He tries to save her but he only encounters corpses. INFERNO, even more than the other films by Dario Argento, is an esthetical film but a real nightmare in which image and… Continue reading INFERNO by Dario Argento


On a beautiful day on the Italian coast, young Vera disappears. Two years later she turns up again, but as an adult woman with complete loss of memory. Her still grief-torn parents can hardly believe that this woman is their little girl, until DNA-tests prove Vera’s identity. The plot thickens when memories start to resurface… Continue reading VERA DE VERDAD