Dario Argento

Genre icon Dario Argento has given us many timeless classics. It all started when he wrote the script for Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time In The West, together with his friend Bernardo Bertolucci. The Maestro then showed an interest in Giallo and that is how the legend started. After the worldwide success of his… Continue reading Dario Argento


While a sexually obsessed man by the name of Paletta is wandering about the outskirts of town, a group of different characters gather at the deathbed of a middle aged homosexual and three crosses are being built on the town hill. This is the start of three wicked, wildly irreverent stories, set in a warped,… Continue reading TOTO WHO LIVED TWICE


In an imaginary city where violence and legalized delinquency rule the day, Mordburo, a secret criminal organization, is free to carry out its goal of “cleansing” society. They not only eliminate corrupt individuals, but any and all who have managed to evade conventional justice. The organisation is sustained by the charisma of its leader, KMB,… Continue reading MORDBÜRO


Paul Mansart has been condemned to life in a Berlin prison for his part in the assassination of a diplomat. During this attack, his three accomplices and his fiancée Alice were killed in a shoot-out with the police. Ten years later, a similar attack takes place and the French Secret Police suspect a connection with… Continue reading REWIND


César doesn’t only look good enough to eat, he also knows how to treat a woman and he is the heir to a considerable fortune. This young man has clearly been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. One night, his best friend Pelayo introduces him to Sofia. To César it’s love at first… Continue reading ABRE LOS OJOS