On a beautiful day on the Italian coast, young Vera disappears. Two years later she turns up again, but as an adult woman with complete loss of memory. Her still grief-torn parents can hardly believe that this woman is their little girl, until DNA-tests prove Vera’s identity. The plot thickens when memories start to resurface… Continue reading VERA DE VERDAD


Receiving a free place for the indispensible premier of a horror film without conditions. An opportunity, even if the mysterious benefactor is someone who meticulously protects his face from the streetlights. Watching a film, in which the demons on the screen take their victims from the movie theatre, is diabolic. The screenplay is stopped, the… Continue reading DEMONI


Mike doesn’t move an inch from his brother Jody. Their parents passed away and the boy is obsessed with the thought that Jody will abandon him. One day Mike notices that the graveyard of Morningside is in the grip of an unfortunate spell. He races to his brother and tells him what he has seen,… Continue reading PHANTASM


Martha, 13 years old, has strange friends, insects she speaks to through telepathy. She protects and takes care of them, in return the insects protect her. She is a sleepwalker and one night she walks into the street. In this condition she is, completely unaware, the witness of a murder A difficult witness.