When Satan wanders the Earth, dressed like a biker, we end up in an underground opera on wheels where the cops look like Hell’s Angels.

Sergio Stivaletti

In 1982, Sergio Stivaletti makes his first steps in the world of film by providing the “stop motion” effects for Assassino Al Cimitero Etrusco by Sergio Martino. One year later, he starts his long association with Dario Argento as responsible for the make-up and optic FX for Phenomena. In 1985, his activities bring him on… Continue reading Sergio Stivaletti


Paris, 1900: a little girl, Sonia, witnesses the slaughter of her parents by a mysterious man with a steel arm. Years later, in Rome, she is hired as a dress maker in a wax museum owned by a sinister artist called Boris Volkoff, who recreates perfect replicas of famous crime scenes. A series of strange… Continue reading WAX MASK


Bologna 1750. Giacomo, a novice in charge of the Archbishop’s archives, seduces a young girl and is forced to flee to escape harsh punishment by the Church authorities. To obtain a safe-conduct out of the city, he agrees to enter the service of a mysterious nobleman who lives in exile in a fortress in the… Continue reading THE ARCANE ENCHANTER


The telephone call of an unknown, who says he’s going to kill his mistress, plunges Eliane in a terrifying nightmare and causes old sexual obsessions to resurface. The director of this mini-Giallo was fortunate to work as an assistant for the likes of Dario Argento, Pupi Avati, Peter Del Monte, Liliana Cavani and Stefano Reali.… Continue reading LE DUE BAMBOLINE ROSSE