Private Eye Kuroda just sits at his desk, desperately waiting for that one phone-call of a customer who is willing to hire him for a job. When Madam Saori walks into his office, he believes the bad days are over. She proposes a very unusual assignment to him. It’s not at all by the book,… Continue reading CHAOS

Hitoshi Ozawa

Japanese actor-director Hitoshi Ozawa made his acting debut in the television series School Wars. His leading part in another series, The Wild Beat, got him noticed by director Kazuyoshi Okuyama. He thought this original actor had directing potential. Ozawa did not disappoint his mentor. In 1996, his low-budget feature film debut Score won the Special… Continue reading Hitoshi Ozawa

Tomorowo Taguchi

In a short time Japanese actor Tomorowo Taguchi has worked himself in the picture on the international film front. He first got noticed in 1989 in Shinya Tsukamoto’s groundbreaking and controversial Tetsuo : The Iron Man. Taguchi also played in the sequel Tetsuo II : The Bodyhammer. Besides parts in the films of the old… Continue reading Tomorowo Taguchi


Tree hundred years ago, Japan was ruled by the shogun. When the ruler’s sword gets stolen, he orders the young samurai Heishiro to retrieve it. On his journey, Heishiro will encounter some remarkable characters, among which a cunning feudal lord, his naive son, an old ninja and his disciples, the master warrior Ronin, a samurai… Continue reading SAMURAI FICTION


Under Princess Sen, seven ladies of the Hori clan, with assistance from sword master Jyubei Yagyu, are determined to rebel against Akinari Kato, the lord of Aizu. Kato, who is only interested in satisfying his desires, killed their husbands after they dared to critize him. He now sends his elite killer squad, the Seven Spears,… Continue reading KUNOICHI, THE LADY NINJA


Tatsuo is a Yakuza trainee. He is given the chance to prove himself by pimping for a crime organization controlled by high-ranking politician and World War II veteran, Domon. Tatsuo fails when one of his girls, Tama, is badly beaten up. As a sign of redemption, Tama lets him in on a $2 million cash… Continue reading KAMIKAZE TAXI


Japan, 10 years after the war. The country is marked by poverty, unemployment and crime. Anti-government movements gain momentum, peaceful demonstrations become full-fledged armed strife. To get in control of the situation, the police corps equips its men with more powerful weapons. Ever escalating violence threatens to plunge the whole country into a state of… Continue reading JIN-ROH