Tomorowo Taguchi

In a short time Japanese actor Tomorowo Taguchi has worked himself in the picture on the international film front. He first got noticed in 1989 in Shinya Tsukamoto’s groundbreaking and controversial Tetsuo : The Iron Man. Taguchi also played in the sequel Tetsuo II : The Bodyhammer. Besides parts in the films of the old… Continue reading Tomorowo Taguchi


Tree hundred years ago, Japan was ruled by the shogun. When the ruler’s sword gets stolen, he orders the young samurai Heishiro to retrieve it. On his journey, Heishiro will encounter some remarkable characters, among which a cunning feudal lord, his naive son, an old ninja and his disciples, the master warrior Ronin, a samurai… Continue reading SAMURAI FICTION


Under Princess Sen, seven ladies of the Hori clan, with assistance from sword master Jyubei Yagyu, are determined to rebel against Akinari Kato, the lord of Aizu. Kato, who is only interested in satisfying his desires, killed their husbands after they dared to critize him. He now sends his elite killer squad, the Seven Spears,… Continue reading KUNOICHI, THE LADY NINJA


Tatsuo is a Yakuza trainee. He is given the chance to prove himself by pimping for a crime organization controlled by high-ranking politician and World War II veteran, Domon. Tatsuo fails when one of his girls, Tama, is badly beaten up. As a sign of redemption, Tama lets him in on a $2 million cash… Continue reading KAMIKAZE TAXI


Japan, 10 years after the war. The country is marked by poverty, unemployment and crime. Anti-government movements gain momentum, peaceful demonstrations become full-fledged armed strife. To get in control of the situation, the police corps equips its men with more powerful weapons. Ever escalating violence threatens to plunge the whole country into a state of… Continue reading JIN-ROH


When Goda’s girlfriend commits suicide with a gun, Goda enters a deep depression. One night a street gang assaults him. He decides to seek revenge upon the gang and starts roaming the city in search of a gun. He is drawn deeper and deeper into an imminent gang war. Shinya Tsukamoto, director of Tetsuo and… Continue reading BULLET BALLET


Nishida and Yamazaki, two less than confident would-be bank robbers, are heading for the bank they plan to rob. It’s a fateful day for them. When they get to the spot, they find out that another robber has beaten them to it and is fleeing with the loot. As ill luck would have it, both… Continue reading UNLUCKY MONKEY


With disturbing synchronicity a couple of boys and girls die within the same hour. Tv reporter Reiko Asakawa smells a scoop. During her investigation, she finds a videotape that was seen by all the victims. The video contains an ominous message that anyone who will see the tape, will die within a week. Together with… Continue reading RING

Yoshitaka Amano

At the tender age of 15, Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano (Shizuoka, 1952) started working as an animator trainee for the cartoon studio Tatsunoko Productions. After 15 years, Anamo decided that it was time to broaden his horizon. He resigned from the job and became a free-lance illustrator. In 1984, he met animation film director Mamoru… Continue reading Yoshitaka Amano


Mima Kirigoe is an unsuccessful pop singer. Faced with her lack of popularity, her manager advises her to drop music and to develop her talents as an actress. She obeys her agent and gets a part in a TV serial. Depressed and frustrated by the failure of her singing career she is confronted with some… Continue reading PERFECT BLUE