Despite endless warnings by scientists and BIFFF-ers alike, all pathetic attempts to save our planet have failed. Our ecosystem has collapsed and along with it, society’s structures. Many people perished, the powerful fled to walled-in, high-tech Citadels that artificially hold up an illusion of civilization. The rest of humanity linger like wild animals in a… Continue reading VESPER

Kristina Buozyte

Kristina Buozyte, one of the youngest and most talented Lithuanian filmmakers, produced her first feature film, The Collectress, in 2008. It was soon followed up by Park’79 ( 2009 ) and Vanishing Waves ( 2012 ). This striking work was showered with awards on the festival circuit, most notably The Golden Mélies for Best European… Continue reading Kristina Buozyte

Jurga Jugaite

Lithuanian actress Jurga Jutaite had already played in several shorts when she landed the leading part in You Am I ( 2006 ), directed by K. Vildžiunas. The film was presented at the “Un Certain Regard” competition of the Cannes Film Festival. She was also cast in Vildžiunas’ next film, Back To Your Arms (… Continue reading Jurga Jugaite


Lukas is a scientist who works at the European experimental project that focuses on advanced ‘human neuron research’. The projects’ aim is to transfer neuron information from one human mind to another while enabling the recipient to share the same information the “host” individual is experiencing. When he’s inside the mind of the body of… Continue reading VANISHING WAVES