Skin Walker

Oh, it seemed but yesterday when Sir Udo Kier (IRON SKY 1 & 2) was knighted in the Order of the Raven at the BIFFF, but we had to let him go… and here he is again in a mysterious forest in Luxembourg. He’s the patriarch watching over the family estate, but you won’t see… Continue reading Skin Walker


After getting slighted by a legendary jazz trumpeter, sadistic gang boss Hercules puts the ice-cold Johnny the Killer on a mission of revenge. He must cut off the trumpet player’s pinkie finger before he plays a wedding reception at the lavish palace of the Countess. Yet, as Johnny attempts to execute his task his conscience… Continue reading DREAMLAND


The year is 1521 and the Spanish Inquisition terrorizes the port city of Antwerp. Storm is the 12-year old son of printer Klaas Voeten, who secretly also prints forbidden texts. Storm’s life is turned upside down when his father is caught in the act. He manages to escape just in time with the original letters… Continue reading STORM: LETTERS VAN VUUR


The tooth fairy seems, to everyone, like a generous and benign creature, but what if that wasn’t the case?