After enduring fourteen days adrift in a life raft, on the high seas off the British coast, with no food, or water, and with very little life left in her, Kate Callaghan is rescued by the Belgian coast guard. While adrift at sea, Kate, had to live through the excruciating physical and emotional pain of… Continue reading LET ME SURVIVE


The near future. An authoritarian state. Because population rates are continuously falling, people are encouraged through omnipresent loudspeakers to reproduce and play croquet ( !). Those who die or resist the system are processed into food. Young Philippe’s mother can no longer dead with working in one of those human meat plants and kills herself… Continue reading CARRE BLANC


Spanish gangster Carlos has lost a mysterious bag in Poland and wants his Austrian colleague Harry to get it back for him. But Harry doesn’t want to get his hands dirty and calls in a favour from the Viennese small-time crook Schorsch. He just wants to sit around and watch car races all day, so… Continue reading CONTACT HIGH


The annual “Medicis Night” ? What’s that ? For Prune, Alice and Sam, it looks like another great opportunity to party at an exclusive gathering for night owls. They managed to get hold of some VIP invitations and now they’re going. The Duke de Journiac warmly welcomes them at his castle. He’s the host of… Continue reading LES DENTS DE LA NUIT


Welcome to the Lötschental, one of Switzerland’s biggest valleys. Like many a tourist, you want to see the carnival and the famous Tschägättä parade. And that’s why Gildas and his wife and daughter are here. Unfortunately, they meet professor Schneider and his son, who couldn’t care less about carnivals. They’re only interested in a scientific… Continue reading HUMAINS


“Will my pension be sufficient to have a comfortable retirement ?”, is a question that many ask themselves. So does Hobbs. We’re in London, 1960. There’s no economic crisis, but since he’s only the janitor and his pension is coming up, it seems like a sensible question. A little extra money would be most welcome.… Continue reading FLAWLESS


The Bronze Age. A village suffers under a terrible curse. Every fifth year, they must give up nine youths to horned soldiers who take them across the sea to a dark and terrible isle. There they are sacrificed to a god that hungers upon the flesh of children. Theo has never been taken, for he’s… Continue reading MINOTAUR


Late at night on a lonely highway. Senga and her teenage daughter Nat have a long journey ahead of them. On their trip, they encounter a series of strange characters and surreal sights; a vacation couple photographing the debris of a car crash, a baby crawling in the middle of the road and a recovery… Continue reading OCTANE


Julie is a 19-year old English nanny hired by a wealthy Italian couple to take care of their baby son. When her charge dies in a mysterious fire that destroys the family home, the finger of blame seems to point at Julie. She is accused of being a witch by the Italian press. Her only… Continue reading SUPERSTITION


t’s not very funny to celebrate your anniversary on 14 February, especially if all your friends are married. But maybe a magic formula could change things for the better !