Once upon a time there was a musician beloved by all who lived in a small village in the French West Indies. His name was Siméon and little Orélie was his best friend. Her father, Isidore, wanted to created universal music. And then Siméon suddenly died in an accident. Orélie, who knew a bit of… Continue reading SIMEON

Alain Bidard

Alain Bidard is an animation film director who has worked in Martinique for 16 years. In 1996, after completing high school, he entered Supinfocom, one of the best Computer Graphics schools in Europe. His first film, “Pixies”, entered many festivals including the prestigious Imagina festival in Monaco and Anima Folioscope in Brussels. Between 2000 and… Continue reading Alain Bidard


In the future the Empire of Mortemonde has enslaved almost all nations on Earth. Each month everyone is forced to play the virtual reality computer game Battledream. Only those who reach a score of 1000 points are allowed to live one more month. And on top of that you can also really die in the… Continue reading BATTLEDREAM CHRONICLE