Having exhausted all the resources that modern medicine can give them, little Luna’s parents are already receiving a tutorial on palliative care from their family doctor. But, if the modern world condemns the little girl to certain death, the mother has a backup plan that we could euphemistically call a “grandmother’s recipe”. She takes Luna… Continue reading EVIL EYE


It’s Halloween night and the teenagers of the upscale, gated community (this is Mexico after all) of Sierra Linda are getting ready for one hell of a party. Tavo, a teen with a far more modest background, jumps the fence that separates him from the rich and famous, like he does every night. In the… Continue reading MEXZOMBIES


Gulf of Mexico, end of the 70’s. A town like an oil stain, where the pitch-black plumes of the refineries are but a pale projection of society’s crawling underbelly ripped open and spilled out all over the pavement. The kind of place where corpses showing up on your evening stroll isn’t anything out of the… Continue reading THE BLACK MINUTES


An old van crossing the Andes, a secret, 3 unknown passengers accused of having provoked the suicide of someone. You’re the fourth passenger of their journey through the Uku Pacha seeking to find out the truth. Each trip is a new opportunity for salvation or for condemnation…