Out on a dead calm ocean, in a thick fog, a group of tourists on a pleasure craft cross paths with an ancient and terrible evil. Sharing the same ocean, a sick, dying old Greek man drifts alone on a stricken yacht. The Greek has been cheating death for countless years, trading broken bodies for… Continue reading THE FERRYMAN


Henry Oldsworth is coming back to the family farm, unaware that something bad is going on; his brother’s reckless genetic engineering program. Angus is buying his younger brother out, just hours ahead of the unveiling of his “ultimate” sheep. Terrified of the animals and dosed up on therapy, Henry doesn’t want to hang around. But… Continue reading BLACK SHEEP


Everything happens for a reason.

A + E

Seb arrives in a hospital unlike any other.


The Boogeyman is the stuff of age-old stories. His name has been passed down from generation to generation in the hushed, fearful whispers of kids at bedtime. Existing in a thousand different forms in children’s imaginations, the Boogeyman is that horrible creature who consumes human beings whole. He lurks in the shadows of closets that… Continue reading BOOGEYMAN


A leaking pipe doesn’t seem to bother the family at all, with the exception of little Mary. But the water keeps rising and rising and rising.

Greg Page

Greg Page is one of New Zealand’s foremost directors of music videos and television commercials and he is known for his energetic and innovative style. His music videos have won numerous awards and Page has achieved critical recognition and international festival exposure for his prize winning short films like Sarah’s Washing and Decaff. In his… Continue reading Greg Page

Gaylene Preston

Gaylene Preston is one of New Zeland’s finest film makers. Her films have a distinctive New Zealand flavour and a strong social message. She is a story teller whose films identify with ordinary people whose stories are not normally given space on the big screen. After finishing a diploma in fine arts from the University… Continue reading Gaylene Preston


Grant and Paul leave the city behind for a weekend of fun, surfing and, if they’re lucky, girls. With night falling they take a short cut and meet Lisa and Kelly, a couple of babes with a fast car, who invite them to an Eighties party. Lust takes the wheel and a game of cat… Continue reading THE LOCALS


Melanie, an independent, emotionally empty thirtysomething, serves fish and chips in a small coastal town. After work, she goes looking for booze and men. In a hotel bar, the well-oiled Melanie meets her “perfect stranger”, a charming and attentive sailor. When she falls asleep on his boat, he sails her away to his run-down, candle-lit… Continue reading PERFECT STRANGERS