Vincent Ward

New Zealand director-scriptwriter Vincent Ward (1956°) makes an impressive feature film debut in 1984 with Vigil, the story of a young girl who has to face her father’s killer in a remote valley. But it was The Navigator from 1988 which put him in the international spotlights. In this intriguing fantasy film, a group of… Continue reading Vincent Ward

Peter Jackson

At the age of 22, New Zealander Peter Jackson (Wellington, 1961) started working with some friends on a 16mm film project called Bad Taste. This bizarre film about aliens with a craving for human flesh, took four years to complete (they shot it in their spare time). It turned out to be a big hit… Continue reading Peter Jackson


In the lost jungle of Sumatra, a zoologist captures a strange animal, a hybrid creature between a monkey and a rat. This sacrilegious act focuses the fury of an indigenous tribe on him. A wild pursuit then begins and ends tragically for our reckless explorer. Meanwhile, in a small town in New Zealand, the poor… Continue reading BRAINDEAD


Something is seriously amiss in Langdon, a holiday and fishing resort in mid-West America. Marshall, a local field researcher who has fallen short of his own expectations, is investigating the area’s sudden ecological devastation. Populations of small wildlife are rapidly disappearing and strange, gooey nests are springing up over the countryside. He watches a young… Continue reading ABERRATION


Grace Kelly Cuthbertson is an eighteen year old streetkid with a chip on her shoulder. Unable to forget the suicide of her mother, unable to deal with the resultant trauma and guilt, Grace has become homeless, and deeply self hating, locked into a hopeless self destructive spiral. Until she meets Gerald. Gerald Hutchinson is twice… Continue reading SAVING GRACE


While awaiting their guests, they pass the time drinking and listening backwards to Heavy Metal albums. The consequense is that Satan appears… To be continued on the big screen. This preternatural comedy is the fourth short of a director who has plans for several long features. Some good advice : do not invoke the name… Continue reading D.S.B.


This horryfying story in black and white, introduces us to Jo, who has finally found a home in the suburbs. While she settles in, she discovers that there are spiders in the bathroom and Jo just hates spiders. She calls a specialist to the rescue. But his intervention is not going to solve things. On… Continue reading LARGER THAN LIFE