Breaking Surface

A couple of days after Christmas, Ida and Tuva, two adventurous sisters, decide to sweat out the holiday calories. The average mortal would just opt for a Basic Fit subscription which they’d forget some weeks later. But these sisters aren’t your average mortals. No, what better way to burn away some calories than to take… Continue reading Breaking Surface


1904. An earthquake makes Norway shake on its foundations until almost nothing remains. More than a hundred years later, this is about to happen again. At least, if you want to believe Kristian, a scientist who suffers from PTSD after his last prediction became reality. His warnings to the government fall on deaf ears. And… Continue reading THE QUAKE


“This story won’t make no fucking sense,” we are warned at the beginning but don’t worry ; you’ll be able to laugh your ass off. Vidar is 33 – the age at which Jesus Christ became a superstar. This sturdy farm boy still lives and works with his strictly religious mother. But he’s fed up… Continue reading VIDAR THE VAMPIRE

THE TUNNEL by André Ovredal

An overpopulated future asks for radical solutions. That’s what a family will find out when they get stuck in traffic.

THE WAVE by Roar Uthaug

The Norwegian village of Geiranger enjoys a breathtaking setting at the bottom of a spectacular fjord. And yet, a threat hangs over paradise. In 1905 a rockslide wiped away the entire village and it’s only a matter of time before it will happen again. Geologist Kristian is the man with an eye on the panic… Continue reading THE WAVE by Roar Uthaug


The Shamer’s daughter, Dina, has unwillingly inherited her mother’s supernatural ability. She can look straight into the soul of other people, making them feel ashamed of themselves. When the sole heir to the throne is wrongfully accused of the horrible murders of his family, Dina’s mother is lured to Dunark under false pretenses to make… Continue reading THE SHAMER’S DAUGHTER