Leading what she thinks is an ordinary life, 15 year-old Sophie receives an anonymous letter with one essential question : “Who are you ?” She continues to receive more letters until one day she meets her correspondent; Alberto Knox, who becomes her friend and teacher in philosophy. At the same time, Sophie mysteriously keeps getting… Continue reading SOPHIE’S WORLD


“Everything is just appearance” is the message of this movie by a graduate of the Bergen College of Arts in Norway, where he studied graphics and illustration.


TK is a hard-faced, disturbed young woman who brandishes a large gun. Her lover Allan has broken his parole just to be with her. The two teenagers break into the distinguished Strand family residence. According to statistics just another break in, but for the unexpected return of Mr. Kai Strand. Allan and TK panic. They… Continue reading WEEK-END


Stockholm’s subway is hit by a wave of murders that bring to mind serial killings in the equally labyrinthine underground systems of Tokyo and New York. The killings are virtual beheadings and the killer always leaves behind his signature at the scene of the crime : the Internet’s icon for “death”. Inspector Martin Beck is… Continue reading NIGHT VISION


One day, in the city of Kampen, a man buys a house. But somebody is already living there. Will they be able to get along ? Admit that you absolutely want to know ?! Admit it, dammit !

EYE FOR AN EYE by Emil Stang Lund

This film is an ironic comment on the appointment, by the current Christian-Democratic government of Norway, of a commission for human rights. Kristina knows how to defend herself from her enemies, because her dead husband has left her instructions. Watch out for the widow !


On the eve of a trip that will take 8-year-old Simon and his grandfather to the old man’s reunion with a group of musicians, Grandfather falls ill. In a search for a cure, young Simon finds himself instead on an amazing journey full of magic and adventure. When Simon discovers a wedding picture of his… Continue reading CHASING THE KIDNEYSTONE


Julie is a young teacher from Copenhagen. Looking for adventure, tired of city life and her cheating boyfriend, she takes a job teaching on an idyllic island in the South of Norway. She expects to take charge over this little school. Here she can establish the close relationship to her pupils she so eagerly desires.… Continue reading ISLE OF DARKNESS

DX 13036

Two lads return from an unsuccessful hunt for girls in Sweden. On their way, in the middle of the night, they finally find what they’ve been looking for. But things don’t go as planned…