Motel Acacia

A snowed-in country road, not far from the Canadian border. A billboard alongside the road reads: “Make our country great again!”. JC, a young Filipino, takes in the landscape, while his European father drives him to the family motel. The building is as charming as a Nazi bunker and clients are rare. However, the business… Continue reading Motel Acacia

The Entity

It seems the Philippines put aside their traditional ghosts more and more to plunge into relentless horror: after EERIE, that single-handedly boosted sales for night lamps for adults in 2018, here comes the new unfiltered nightmare out of Erik Matti’s mind, the #1 most prolific Filipino genre filmmaker. We’re in 1985, Luis gets a call… Continue reading The Entity


The peaceful life of Leana and her little sister Rita are turned upside down when the giant passenger ferry Aurora capsizes on the cliffs in front of their seaside bed & breakfast. After a while, the coastguard abandons the search for survivors and leaves, together with all the mourning relatives of the victims who stayed… Continue reading AURORA


Some see dead people, others have visions, but Marty sees monsters all over the place. Small, big, hideous or stylish, they all seem to come straight out of a comic book to populate the universe of this teenager with an overactive imagination. At least they’re harmless. Not like those bullies who put geeky Marty through… Continue reading SAVING SALLY

Miguel Alcazaren

Miguel began his filmmaking career as a stop-motion animator creating short animated films with his brother. After graduation, Miguel established his stop-motion company Alcazaren Bros. Animation and began focusing on advertising and television work. The company lasted for more than a decade before Miguel moved on to live action commercial directing. He worked on Martial… Continue reading Miguel Alcazaren


Art forger Amir lives like a recluse with his young son Jaime. His beloved wife died a few years ago and the rest of his family lives abroad. His social interactions are limited to his young assistant Nika and his dealer, who sells his forged paintings to rich buyers. There’s not a lot of joy… Continue reading PUTI