Jacek Koprowicz

Born in 1947, Jacek KOPROWICZ first turned to philology. He graduated from the University of Lodz in 1970 but started photography studies (1974) and then cinema studies: he graduated from the Directing Department of the Polish Film Academy in 1979. First, assistant director and then second unit director, he makes a high number of plays… Continue reading Jacek Koprowicz


A tragedy of jealousy: in the late nineteenth century, a doctor, his wife and her lover are savagely killed by the doctor’s hunchbacked secretary. Once his desperate act is accomplished, he suicides himself, leaving only one survivor behind – Orwitz, the couple’s child. Forty years later, Orwitz, diabetic like his father, is living his last… Continue reading THE MEDIUM

Piotr Szulkin

Piotr Szulkin was born in 1950 in Gdansk (Poland). After graduating from the National Film School in 1976, he received awards for his movies in Manheim, San Sebastian, Trieste, Porto, Avoriaz and Madrid. We can mention “The Girl and the Devil” (1976, his first fiction), his first animated movie “Copyright” (1977), “Golem” (1979), “War of the Worlds:… Continue reading Piotr Szulkin

Walérian Borowczyk

Born in 1923, the Polish film director Walerian Borowczyx first stood out in the genre of animated movies. After moving to France, he gave up animated movies for real, live characters in 1968. In 1974, he embarked on a new journey with “Immoral Tales”: eroticism. He directed, amongst others, “Goto, Island of Love” (1969), “Blanche”… Continue reading Walérian Borowczyk


1936. In a Poland haunted by the spectre of impending war, a novelist’s inspiration is fed by obsessive nightmares. With chilling force, they evoke human sacrifices performed in an obscure corner of another era. When a hotel detective rescues the writer from a mysterious murder attempt, the story bursts open. The assailant dissolves into the… Continue reading TEARS OF THE DARK PRINCE